Animal Messages

Spirit desires every human to reach their full potential, to be who they truly are. To support us on our journey through this life, Spirit presents us with animal helpers and guides that cross our paths. They may be physical or spirit bases and all of them desires our best interests to support our growth.

Candy Alexander receives messages from these animal helpers, both in the physical and spirit world and communicates these with people. Candy also acts as a channel for these animal energies when a healing is required, or the guide believes that the energy would be helpful in some way.

Would you like to know what animal guides and messengers you have around you?

Would you like their support and healing energy to support your through your current challenges?


This service can be offered via phone, skype or email $80.00AU



“Candy Alexander is a spiritual healer with a great connection to the energies of the earth and the spirits of animals both in the physical world and the other side. She brings their messages to those with open ears and interprets visitations by wild animals to those receiving a reading….she also suggests ways to connect with the animal guardians/wild animal spirits around you and how to heal with them and channels earth energy, the energy of Gaia to those who require it. Candy Alexander has assisted me to heal various blocks and emotional issues using her intuition and spiritual healing”



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Animal Communicator and Spiritual Healer

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