Do animals understand humans?

In my experience, this is a simple yet complex answer which I will relate straight to humans. Do you understand what every human says? I know I sure don’t. Different languages, accents, slang, cultural terminology and muttering. I have trouble understanding all of this with humans. I am Australian, and when I hear slang from other countries I am confused. I am also slightly autistic, so I have trouble understanding sarcasm. These are issues that we have with humans ~ there is the same issues with animals.
Animals don’t rely on using vocal communication. We hear their ‘ruff’ or ‘meow’ to get our attention, yet their communication is much more subtle. Animals communicate within their species with body language, just like humans do. A dog wagging its tail indicates it is happy, whereas holding it stiff is a sign of something needs further information. A cat on the other hand have different tail responses. Twitching means highly irritated, gently swishing often means relaxed and a little playful. These are signs humans can pick up on, and when you get to know your pet you can tell the differences within their purr or meow, the different barks and facial expressions. The biggest way animals communicate though is through transferring mental images into each other’s head ~ thought projection, telepathy and reading energy.
The things to remember here, thought projection is their thoughts so I may walk through the house calling for my youngest cat, asking where she is. She may send me a mental image showing me she is under the bed. This image may be what she sees when she looks, or may be an image of the bed. We need to interpret the image. She could be sitting at a window watching the birds outside and I see the image of the birds and think she is outside… telepathy is more common when there is a longer conversation ~ animals don’t have long conversations like humans do. I experience telepathy with my pets when they want to understand something. So my male cat who thought I left the house to hunt for kangaroo needed to understand that I leave the house to go to work, they pay me money which I use to buy the kangaroo meat. In a longer conversation they use all of their communication forms, body language, reading our energy and telepathy. My male cat is really good at communicating, I see his images, I hear his words and I know his feelings. Not all animals are good like that. My young pup for instance is very erratic and not good with thought projection ~ with him I hear one-two words.
The language and way animals speak is also different to many humans. Animals speak from the heart, and they read the energy of those around them. It is kind of like being in a room with an intuitive healer, when they connect to your energy, they know what you are feeling and you don’t need to explain. For instance, I would come home from work after having a bad day and I didn’t need to tell them anything, they could feel the stress within my energy.
Animals may not always understand everything that humans say, for our minds are often racing with many thoughts and their minds are calm and they cannot keep up, but they can understand the energy behind what we are saying. Does my dog understand what ‘good’ means when I call him a ‘good boy’. No, he doesn’t understand good and bad, however he does understand that his behaviour has made me really happy, and happy Candy gives love and affection. If I tried to tell my eel-tailed catfish that I love them, yet I was thinking about eating them for dinner, they would understand the energy of me eating them and get confused with the mixed messages.
I have one rule in my house ~ no negative comments, no matter how playful, are to be make within my house or yard. Only loving intent. When an animal thinks that it is only food, they often say ~ what is the point of living, and die quickly. When I address my animals, I try really hard to be in a loving space, if I am not okay, if my wounding surfaces and I am angry, frustrated or sad I tell them. I communicate with all of my animals as if they were human. I speak clearly, I focus on them and be mindful as I do. They know what is going on for me when they read my energy, and they all can ~ so it shows love and respect to them when I confide with them. My old dog Max, I use to vent about work with him on our walks. He didn’t comment much, but I would talk about my frustrations, fears and tears. One day he was about 500m in front of me and I stopped talking. I dint think he was listening, so I stopped. He stopped running, turned to me and called out ~ I am listening, please continue. That was so powerful to me.
Animals are really good at communicating with humans, it is the humans who need to remember how to listen to animals. The first lesson I had with communicating with animals is that I need to control and slow down my racing thoughts. I am one of those people who have more than 10,000 thoughts an hour when I am busy, more when I have free time. A lesson for me in life is to slow down. Animals don’t have human stresses and pressures, so they don’t understand why we work so hard, or work in a job that makes us unhappy. Animals live with having their needs met, so they live a much simpler life. To help slow your thoughts, it is great to slow down your breathing. Slow deep breathing helps to slow our mind.
Be open to anything that animals want to say ~ some may talk about the time of their ancestors for they hold the genetic memory and want to talk about it. Some may want to talk to you about where you are in this life, and how you can raise your vibration. Some may simply want to remind you how special you are. My male turtle doesn’t talk much. He sits, observes and takes everything in. when I try to connect to him, he shuts off and won’t talk, but sometimes when I notice he is watching me, I can feel his feelings. If I focus too much, he becomes aware and again switches off, but if I allow and focus on something else, simply allow my body to feel what he feels, I feel his pride, his love and his admiration. He helps me to connect to my grandfather who I didn’t get to see much before he passed.
They offer such precious gifts to us ~ support, love, patience, guidance and encouragement. I believe that we have agreements with the significant animals in our life that we made before coming into this reality. I believe that they know when the right time is to find us, and they remember the lessons that we have forgotten. They are here to support us to achieve our personal greatness ~ and when they see that we are doing this, you can hear their soul singing to you. Animals embrace our soul ~ that is an honor that we can return.


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