How do I know that I am actually communicating with animals?


This is a brilliant question. In answer to that, how do you know you love your Mother or Father, Siblings, Children or pets? You feel it don’t you, then you believe it and know it? This is the same for me with communicating with animals. I look at the animal, either real or a photo and I connect to the animal’s energy. I feel a subtle shift in my energy and I ask the questions or for the message. Animals communicate in many ways with me, sometimes my body is a surrogate for them and I feel what they are feeling ~ this is great to be able to tell a vet what is going on. Sometimes they give me pictures or I have words come into my mind. It is about being open, and not judging what I am experiencing.

Step one is to be open without judgment. Step two is trusting to give this information. I have done so many readings for people where people have come back saying “you were spot on” regarding personality, health issues, games they played and behavioural issues. The animal has given me the honour of being a messenger, it is up to me to trust them and my own gifts and communicate with the human.

An example: one morning I felt really sick, I had a headache all night and woke up with the headache despite medication, I felt weak, lightheaded and like I would vomit. This is rather unusual for me to be sick. I was looking at my cat who had been snuggly all night and I asked “is this yours?” to this I heard a strong, “yes, I need to see the doctor”. In my mind’s eye I saw what appeared to be a tick at the base of his ear, and upon physical inspection ~ I wasn’t sure if it was a tick or a scab. The vet was booked out, however I insisted ~ my head felt like there was poison in it. At the vet I told him all of the symptoms and being a different vet to normal, he rolled his eyes. However they found the scab and shaved around it and removed the scab. There was a stinger from an animal under the scab ~ possibly a spider or bee stinger. The Vet said that this is something most people would miss ~ that I must really know my cat.

Another example is of a beautiful horse I was working with. His owner referred to him as ‘damaged’ as he had been abused elsewhere as a foul. I was working with him to release the trauma, and helping to increase is self-worth and confidence issues. As I completed the healing, there was a complete shift with the horse ~ his energy changed so much that I had to move out of his way as he seemed much bigger. His comment was “I’m a HORSE” ~ he had been seeing himself as powerless and foul-like and he was now stepping into his power. The owner who stood in front of him asked “What just happened, something changed about him” ~ the answer was simple, he stepped into his power. Throughout that healing, he had been showing me images that he needed to have witnessed, like an abused child we need it validated and witnessed to move on, he didn’t vocalise much, but he let it go. I have a good imagination, yet I am not able to guess at what has occurred in the past for others unless I am being told about it by the animal.

I hope that answers the question of how do I know I am communicating with animals. Foxy Love and Blessings ~ Candy Alexander


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