Growing out of being a victim

It took a long time for me to learn that it is a choice in how I live my life. We sometimes don’t think we have a choice, but our choice is in our perception of things. I use to blame myself for the abuse that I experienced. I blamed myself for my parents divorcing, and if anything when wrong in my life, it was my fault ~ or so I believed. I had looked at every situation from space of ‘good’ or ‘bad’. I had judged every aspect of my life, and in doing so could place blame. The thing is, when I placed blame, and judged every situation, I also gave away my personal power. I blamed myself for what was occurring and labelled myself a victim. A victim is powerless and has no control in their life. We have to claim back that power, yet often we feel as though we are too powerless to do that.

This is where a change in perspective helps. Remove the labels of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and simply have an experience. This can allow us to see the high lesson within the experience, and not go straight into wounding and victim. I am not condoning behaviour that hurts others, I am simply saying, look at the lesson, not the wound. If you can stop yourself from reacting out of wounding, you can then see that you have an agreement with the soul who hurt you. This agreement was for them to support you to learn a certain lesson. To do so, this person has had to lower their vibration to give you the opportunity to learn. Looking through those glasses we can be grateful for the lesson, we can keep our personal power and not run into victim and powerlessness.

I have experienced extensive abuse throughout my life, you name it and I have been there. When someone does something to me, I tend to go straight into victim, as it is such a habit. Giving myself time for self-reflection, I can see the opportunity within the situation. Sometimes I need a friend to remind me, but I still get there. It comes down to a simple choice now. Do I want to be powerless, a victim and be told what to do, or do I want to live in my personal power, be a confident woman who is in control of her life? Because at the end of the day ~ everything is just an experience, and it comes down to how we want to experience it in life. Is the bottle half empty or half full? Changing this perspective can completely change your life. Foxy Love and Blessings


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